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First CG District - Southern Region
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District 1SR Bridges
Kosciusko Twin Bridges - Mohawk River - Photo: K. Jacobs Flotilla 77
Marine Parkway Bridge - Jamaica Bay - Photo: V. Kleinman Flotilla 11-12
Robert Moses Causway Bridge - Great South Bay - Photo: K.Jacobs Flotilla 77

1SR Bridge Program

The District 1 Southern Region (D1SR) Auxiliary Bridge Program has two main parts:

  1. Bridge Discrepancy Reports - These are reports of problems observed by any BQ Auxiliary member, whether observed while out on patrol, during a day out fishing, or even while just passing a bridge while ashore.
  2. Bridge Verifications - Bridge Verifications  are a comprehensive review and report of a bridge done by qualified Aids Verifiers, checking to see that the bridge meets the requirements of its Coast Guard permit and or documenting what is present.

All BQ Auxiliary members are encouraged to report any discrepancies on bridges that they pass to the Coast Guard via the D1SRs NS 7055 Bridge Report Form. These reports allow the staff at the Coast Guard Bridge Branch to contact the bridge owner and get the discrepancy fixed.

While any member should report bridge discrepancies, Bridge Verifications are done only by AV qualified members.

On-Line Bridge Discrepancy Reporting Procedure

The D1SRs NS 7055 Bridge Report Form is an Excel fillable form which is completed and forwarded to the D1SR ADSO-NS-Bridges, who reviews the information, enters it into the D1SR Aux Bridge Spreadsheet and forwards the information to the CG Bridge Office.

In addition, all District 1SR bridges are listed in the online read only D1SR Aux Bridge Spreadsheet. Members can see the details for any bridge, as well as the most recent history.

For system security and compliance with the Privacy Act, the documents are located on the D1SR Website and require member only login.

Guidance for reporting bridge discrepancies and verifications

See Overview of USCG Auxiliary D1SR Bridge Verification and Doc

Any questions, problems or suggestions should be addressed to ADSO-NS-Bridges.


Bridge Program Forms and Manuals

D1SR Aux Bridge Spreadsheet D1SR's NS 7055 Bridge Report Form
Guidelines for D1SR Bridge Verification and Documentation Bridge Verification Procedure 2023-07-11
USCG Bridge Administration Manual
Priority Bridges - Google Map

USCG Bridge Lighting and Other Signals
Bridge Admin - Powerpoint Presentation -  10/16/2020


Hamilton Bridge - Harlem River -  Photo: Ken Jacobs Flotilla 77 Brooklyn Bridge - Photo: Al Olsen Flotilla 10-13 Mario Cuomo Bridge @ Tappan Zee, Hudson River - Photo: L. Wilcox Flotilla 10-13 Rt.3 Eastbound - Hackensack River - Photo: D. Salt Flotilla 10-02 Shinnecock Canal Bridge - Photo: R. DeMeo Flotilla 18-08

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