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First CG District - Southern Region
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1SR Aids Verifier (AV) Qualification


To become AV Certified in D1SR, members must:

  1. Be current with TCT (Team Coordination Training)

  2. Have completed ICS-100 and ICS-700

  3. Have membership status of BQ, AX or AX2

  4. Take a one day Aids Verifier training class presented by the Navigation Systems Department
      The class will be taught by an AV and IT qualified member who has been designated by the DSO-NS to teach the class.

  5.       Reference material addressed:
           .  The D1SR Federal Aids To Navigation Training Manual 
           .  The D1SR PATON Training Guide
           .  The Guidelines for D1SR Bridge Verification and Documentation
           .  The Bridge Verification Procedure 2023-07-11
           .  The Coast Guard Bridge Regulations - 33CFR117Subpart A
           .  The Reporting Navigation Systems Activity Guide
  6. After completion of step 4 above, complete the AV PQS with the D1SR Aids Verifier Qualifier (AVQ), and perform three supervised PATON Verifications, including preparation of required reports, under the supervision of a D1SR AVQ.
         . AVQs are experienced AVs who have been appointed by the DSO-NS to perform AV training and testing.
         . 1SR AVQs who can perform the supervised Verifications are specified by the ADSO of your AOR. See the NS Staff page for the ADSO of your AOR.
         . See the AV Supervised Verification page for details on the required supervised verification paperwork.
         . To meet the requirements of section 7.3 of the national PQS, two of the three supervised verifications must include checking lights on lit PATONS after sunset.

 On successful completion of the 3 supervised inspections and the PQS, the AVQ will notify the DSO-NS, using the procedure outlined on the AV Supervised Verification page. The DSO-NS will check that the candidate meets all of the above criteria, and he will then sign off tasks E, F and G of the PQS, and then notify the District Qualification Team that the candidate should be certified as an Aids Verifier.

NOTE: While the AVQ will mentor the candidate through most of the PQS, only the DSO-NS can sign off on tasks E, F and G.



The Training slides that will be used in the AV class can be found at:

 District 1SR - AV Training Slides


Additional Required Documents

All Aids Verifiers must have a copy of the following documents:
     .  NOAA Chart #1
     .  A copy of the section of the Light List that covers their AOR
     .  The latest District 1 Local Notice to Mariners (LNM)
     .  Coast Pilot #2 - Cape Cod to Sandy Hook. You should print the chapter for the waters of your AOR.

The Light List, LNM and the Coast Pilot are required to be used every time a PATON verification is done. These documents should be brought to the one day class by each student.

Currency Maintenance

1.   In order to maintain their AV qualification, each AV qualified member must be active in the program, and is required to have filed at least two ATON, PATON or Bridge reports annually. These reports must have been properly reported to the Coast Guard, as well as into AuxData. Reports that are acceptable for currency maintenance are:

   An ATON (Federal Aid) discrepancy report.

   A PATON (Private Aid) discrepancy or verification report, or

   A Bridge discrepancy or annual survey report.    

2.   Failure to maintain annual currency will result in going into REYR status.

3.   Failure to perform the currency procedures for five (5) consecutive years will result in loss of qualification. The member will then be required to meet the initial qualification criteria in order to regain qualification.

  Remember - Two Reports!
  • The Discrepancy Reports gets the problem reported to the gold side.
  • The 7030 (Unit/Individual) gets the activity into AuxData.

Do not list your PATON activity on the boat's 7030 (Boat) - it goes on a 7030 (Unit/Individual).

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