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1SR  PATON  Program

Private Aids to Navigation (PATONs) can be set in navigable water only after being authorized by Coast Guard permit. They are maintained by, and at the expense of the owners of the aid.  These aids may mark wrecks, provide lateral marks for channels (i.e., red and green channel marks), aid marine research, or provide regulatory information (e.g., Slow Speed, No Wake, etc.)

The Coast Guard issues the permits and enforces compliance with the permits, but depends on the Auxiliary to be their eyes in the field to verify that the PATONs conform with their permit requirements. It is only when we report discrepancies that the C.G. can order corrective action.

The Auxiliary is responsible for:

  1. Verifying all PATONs on a CG determined periodic basis,

  2. Reporting non-permitted PATONs observed in public waters, and

  3. Reporting any PATON discrepancies that are observed at any time.

PATON discrepancies can be reported by any BQ member. The problem may be observed while on patrol or on a pleasure cruise - any problems observed should be reported.

PATON Verifications and reports of non-permitted PATONs are made by AV (Aid Verifier) qualified members.

The 1SR PATON program is described in the D1 PATON Program Procedures Guide statement. Details for AV qualification are shown on the AV Qualification Page.

A major upgrade to the PATON program in 2010 is that all PATONs are now required to be verified either every three years or annually, with the local CG Sector or ANT specifying the verification period. In addition, all reports will be maintained in an online database system that tracks all PATONs in the district. A cadre of active AVs will be trained in the use of the PATON database system and can enter data directly. Other members will send their reports via their sector ADSO-NS.

The program now includes a currency maintenance requirement for AVs. Be sure to check this out on the AV Qualification page.


Workshop PowerPoint Slides
Fish Farm & Fish Trap Procedure PATROL AREAS with maps updated  1-5-2023
NOAA Chart Viewer
When doing a PATON verification, or when reporting an ATON or PATON discrepancy, you always have to check the problem against the latest Light List and the latest edition of the NOAA chart for the area. An easy way to ensure you are using the latest chart is to use the on-line NOAA chart viewer. NOAA chart viewer. The charts accessible with the chart viewer are the most up to date, with all corrections to the latest Local Notice To Mariners.
Remember - Two Reports!
  • The Discrepancy Reports gets the problem reported to the gold side.
  • The 7030 (Unit/Individual) gets the activity into AuxData.

Do not list your PATON activity on the boat's 7030 (Boat) - the boat report is for the crew's on-water time, not your PATON activity.


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