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Federal ATON Program

One of the primary responsibilities of the Auxiliary Aid to Navigation Program is the reporting of discrepancies observed on Federal Short Range Aids to Navigation (ATONs). It is only when the local CG ANT (Aids to Navigation Team) learns of a problem that they can then fix it. The Auxiliary ATON program has two main responsibilities:

  1. Reporting of any discrepancies observed on a federal ATON. If doesn't matter whether the problem is observed while on patrol or on a pleasure cruise - any problems observed should be reported.

  2. Verifying the location and condition of ATONs when directed by the C.G.  This is normally only done after a major storm comes through the area and the CG issues Auxiliary tasking for this.

ATON Discrepancies should be reported using the form below. See the Report Routing page for information on where to send it.

ATON Forms & Study Material ANT NY - Departing after setting a Buoy.

ATON Discrepancy Report
NOAA On-Line Chart Viewer
... USCG Light List with latest LNM changes
Remember - Two Reports!
  • The Discrepancy Reports gets the problem reported to the gold side.
  • The 7030 (Unit/Individual) gets your activity into AuxData.

Do not list your PATON activity on the boat's 7030 (Boat) - the boat report is for the crew's on-water time, not your ATON activity.

First District Local Notice to Mariners
For the proper routing of 1SR NS Program Reports,
see the Report Routing Page.

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