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1SR  Aids Verifier (AV) Supervised Verifications


After completion of the AV training program (described on the AV Qualification page), AV candidates complete the AV PQS and must perform three supervised PATON Verifications, including preparation of required reports, under the supervision of a D1SR Aids Verifier Qualifier (AVQ).


The procedure below must be followed for these supervised verifications.

  •  The AVQ used to supervise the three PATON verifications will be specified by the ADSO of your AOR. See the NS Staff page for the ADSO of your AOR..

  •  The AV Candidate must perform each PATON verification without aid, and must
     then fill out a PATON verification report for each PATON verified.

  •  The AV Candidate must prepare a draft 7030 AuxData report for the verifications, as if they
     were getting AuxData credit. This draft is only for testing purposes - it is not sent to IS.

  •  The AVQ will only pass the candidate if the verification is done properly, any discrepancies are
     properly reported, and all of the required paperwork is completed properly.

  •   The AVQ enters the verifications into the PATON Database system, taking credit for having done
      the verification (the AVQ gets the credit, not the trainee).

  •   The AVQ submits a 7030 to their own IS officer taking credit for having done the 3 PATON
      verifications, with the candidate listed as a trainee (just as is done in the VE and PV
      programs - the supervisor gets the credit, not the  trainee).

At the successful completion of the three supervised verifications, the AVQ then forwards to the DSO the following reports to document the successful completion of the candidate's supervised verifications:

  • the AV Candidate's completed PQS (with tasks E, F & G left blank for the DSOs sign off),

  • the AV Candidate's three PATON verification reports.

  • the AV Candidate's draft 7030(s) reports.

  • Any PATON discrepancy reports that were generated during the verification process.

  • The AVQs certification that the candidate properly performed the three verifications without assistance, and properly verified the PATONs against the NOAA chart, the Light List, the LNM, and the PATON database record.


Remember - Two Reports!
  • The Discrepancy Reports gets the problem reported to the gold side.
  • The 7030 (Unit/Individual) gets the activity into AuxData.

Do not list your PATON activity on the boat's 7030 (Boat) - the boat report is for the crew's on-water time, not your PATON activity.


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